Наши студенты говорят о себе


My name is Stepan. I’m 13 years old. I am a kind and optimistic guy. 
 I have many friends in life and on the Internet. My best subject at school, is English.
 Many of my classmates ask me to help them in English tests.

I do athletics and I like it. Also I go to an extra English school to learn English. 
 My hobby is computer games.
Stepan, Intermediate group.


I’m a friendly person and I’m popular in the city. I’m funny – I can make people laugh.
 Music is important to me. I’m really good at learning language. 
 My favourite subject is Chinese.
 I like listening to music and surfing the Internet. 
I’m 15 and my name is Evgenii.
 Thank you.
Evgenii, Intermediate group.


I’m a talkative person and generous. 
 I like playing computer games. I’m in the 9th grade. 
I like and dislike school! My friends think I’m friendly. 
My favourite subject is history and social studies. I’m really good at these subjects.
 In general, I’m a good guy.

Mark, Intermediate group.


My name is Arthur.
 I’m lazy, but I can work hard. My hobbies are photoshop and music.
 I’m good at music. I have  seven pets. 
My favourite subject at school is maths.  
Arthur, Intermediate group. 

My name is Alexandra. 
I have lived in Khabarovsk since my birth. It isn’t a very interesting place,
 but I like it because it has many green squares and you can meet lots of 
 interesting people there. 
I go to High School and learn a lot. I like it.  
At the moment, I’m spending a large amount of time looking for a way to live. 
 I am trying to find myself and find some new hobbies.
 I’m really into cooking. I can spend much of my time preparing meals for my family. 
I think that I am intelligent enough and quite clever. 
Also I am friendly and always cheerful.  
Alexandra, Upper group. 


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